For Sale - UM - 830 - Downstream equipment for PVC Sheet line


Reference Number

UM - 830


Downstream equipment for PVC Sheet line

Present Condition

Will need some attention before startup.


South Africa

Product Details

It is an Anger make, consisting of 2 sheet dies, an haul-off, calender unit with spare rollers, cutt-off guillotine.

One calendar unit, 3 bowls for cooling or heating and embossing unit, variable speed, type ARM Krefeld, Make :Anger, Model : VKE GL (rubber roller: 141 cm, embossing roller: 142 cm, gloss finish roller: 142 cm)

One Haul-off unit, variable speed, rubber rollers, Make Anger, Wien, Type A/PUK 140 (2 rollers: 130,5 cm & 140,5 cm)

One Cut-off guillotine complete with knife and sensor unit for cross cutting

One Flat extrusion die 980 mm

One Flat extrusion die 1400 mm

One Spare rubber roller (148 cm)

Two Spare embossing rollers (142 cm)

One Spare gloss finish roller (150 cm)