Required - UM - 9319 - Plastic Extruder for Nylon


Reference Number

UM - 9319


Plastic Extruder for Nylon



Product Details

- 3.5 inches or a 4.5 inches plastic extruder capable of extruding nylon 11 or BESHV BLK T, Rilsan PA11
- pipe with a OD of 3.50 inches with a ID of 3 inches @ .5 fpm with the following tooling DIE ID , inches 4.568 Pin OD, inches 3.905

- Two capstans capable of clamping and pulling a weight under 100 pounds with a nominal run jaw opening of 4.568 max
- They have to be sync'd, one up stream of extruder the other downstream.

Also looking for a plastic X-head compression type with a nominal passing thru of an OD pipe of 3.25. Minimum