Required - UM - 9407 - 2000 ton to to 2400 ton Injection Molding Machine


Reference Number

UM - 9407


2000 ton to to 2400 ton Injection Molding Machine



Product Details

We are looking for 2000 ton to to 2400 ton injection molding machine with the following specifications

- An injection molding press with tonnage between 1750 and 2350, barrel capacity 360 ounces or greater.
- A compact footprint ideally close to 40 feet in overall length, and a low profile.
- Manufactured after 2000.
- prefer brands which have a meaningful aftermarket parts support network and technical support in North America.

Other important considerations that we would prefer:

- Retractable or partially retractable tie bars on at least one side.
- Located in the eastern half of the United States to minimize freight costs to get it to us (we are in Ohio).
- A walk-in capability when the mold is open to extract the part—we are a short run house and do not use robots.
- This capability is often created by having a platform the rises when the press is opened.
- Currently under power so that we can see it operating.