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For Sale - UM-6275 

Washing / Recycling Line for HDPE Milk Bottles

Ref. #: UM-6275

Washing / Recycling Line for HDPE Milk Bottles

Details: - Post consumer bottles with approx. 5% contamination level (mainly milk).
- Input: Approx. 1000 kg/hr.
- Screen size in the granulator: 10 mm

Once the application is clearly defined a modification of the quotation might be possible.
The infeed material must be free from contaminations which could damage the granulator (glass, metal, stones et

A.) Washing line (consisting of second hand and refurbished components)
(Option Pos. 1)
- Pos. 1 Bale breaker
- Pos. 2 Conveyor belt
- Pos. 3 Metal detector
- Pos. 4 HERBOLD Granulator, type SML 45/100 S4-2

Suitable for wet grinding
- Pos. 5 Maintenance platform
- Pos. 6 Friction washer, type FA 50/T80
- Pos. 7 Mechanical dryer, type 800/2000
- Pos. 8 Material transport system
- Pos. 9 Electrical control unit

B.) Basic mechanical water treatment (dirt water pump, screening machine, recirculation pump, frame and steel work) for the offered washing line by customer can also be offered by if desired.

C.) Installation and Start up Service Technical Supervision and training would also be available at additional cost.
Location: UK
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