For Sale - UM - 17122 - Wartsila 26000 KW Power Plant


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UM - 17122


Wartsila 26000 KW Power Plant

Year Of Manufacture



Middle East

Product Details

6.5 MW Generator Sets using Wartsila vasa 18V32 LN
Diesel Engines as Prime Movers Driving ABB HSG 900XS8
Type Generators Generating 26MW Total Electrical Power.
Including but not limited to the following Systems: Electric, Fuel, Lubricating Oil, Starting Compressed Air, Control Air, Cooling Water, Charge Air & Exhaust Gas, Flew Gas Washing, Steam,
Fire Alarm & Fire-Fighting Systems
Station Nominal Output: 26 MW
Generator Nominal Output: 8,125 kVA
Generator Voltage: 11KV+- 5%
Frequency: 50 Hz
Auxiliary Voltage: 415 V AC, 110 V DC
Fuel Type: Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)/Diesel
Manufactured 1997; Installed and Under Power 1998
Total Current Operational Hours: 59,000+/-
In-Plant, Under Power