For Sale - UM - 20821 - 600 Mm PP Melt Blown Fabric Non Woven Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 20821


600 Mm PP Melt Blown Fabric Non Woven Line



Product Details

Model:- Fabrex REMB-1450/800 PP
Use:- To manufacture melt blown non-woven fabric
Polymers:- PP
Finished product:- Wound rolls of fabric

Standard scope of supply
Hot air dryer with hopper loader
50 mm / 32 D / 22 kW grooved feed extruder
Lever type single action manual screen changer
Polymer melt metering pump with controller
Melt blown fabric die with root blower for hot air with nose cleaning system
Vertical fabric forming unit
Trimming unit
Take-off and single station winder
Process control panel (Detailed specifications enclosed)

Screw Diameter:- 50 mm
Screw Length:- 32 D
Die Lip Width:- 650 mm
Maximum Sheet Width:- 600-650 mm
Fabric Thickness range:- 20 to 100 GSM
Maximum output:- 35 kg/hr
Line Speed Range:- 20 mts/min
Total Installed Load:- 115.77* KW
Line Dimension (L x W x H):- 7500 x 3000 x 2500 mm

Basic assumptions- Fabrex

Maximum output is based on 1200 to 1500 MFI MB grade PP material at 35 GSM thickness and maximum sheet width, 40ºC ambient temperature and process requirement for Hot Air is met.

The output also depends upon material grade, regrind content and bulk density, pallet / regrind flake geometry, ambient and operating temperatures, and other processing parameters.

Fabric width and thickness range are inter-related, and both also depend upon polymer, grade and die size purchased by buyer. Lower the thickness; lower will be the width.

There are several factors that can significantly influence the quality of the fabric and limit the performance of the line. These being extraneous factors, are not covered by our standard performance specifications.

Typical examples of such factors are given below:

Resin – bad batches, off-spec resins, additives or the use of resins other than specified can produce poor sheet.

Machines are designed for electrical supply to be 415 V + 5%, 50 Hz. In case of large supply voltage fluctuations, the use of voltage stabilizer is a must.

Due to constant up-gradation and improvement in our machines, we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice. It is possible that the machine covered by this quotation is different from the one supplied earlier in terms of design and brands of input.

50 mm / 32 D / 22 kw grooved feed extruder

The base frame with gear box base and barrel support structure is fabricated from heavy-duty steel sections and sheets and lifting provisions are incorporated.

Main drive is 22 kW AC motor.

The gearbox is three-shaft helical gear reducer with an integral thrust bearing, SS cooling coil and splash lubrication. Power transmission from motor to gearbox is through suitably rated flexible coupling.

The extruder incorporates specially designed short, grooved feed section which is housed in a hollow profiled charge point for uniform cooling through water. Temperature gauge is provided on outgoing fluid line.

Barrel is made of nitro alloy, machined to close tolerances and gas nitride.

Screw construction is same as that of barrel with 50 mm dia. and incorporates specialty distributive mixing section. The screw geometry facilitates extrusion with high level of regrind flakes loading.

Extruder is divided in four heating zones all of which are incorporating ceramic band heaters, specially designed sheet metal protective covers with 4 cooling air blowers of 0.17 kW capacity and heat sink as required.

The hopper is made of heavy-duty steel sheets and is provided with sight glass, slide gate shut off and material dumping chute. Hot air dryer is included.

Lever type single action manual screen changer
Cassette type, with two breaker plates.
Made of high tensile alloy steel, hardened, ground and chrome plated.
Fitted with ceramic band heaters and a thermocouple (Fe/con).
Heating load 3.3 kW including adapter load.

Polymer melt metering pump with controller
The melt pump is installed between screen changer and die.
Driven by 5.5 kW variable frequency drive with AC geared motor.
The pump is connected to the reducer through a universal drive shaft.
Maximum operating pressure 5000 PSI.
Maximum operating temperature 300ºC.
Melt pressure transducers are incorporated at entry and exit ports of melt pump.
Melt pump constitutes a temperature zone and the entry adaptors to the melt pump are provided with band heaters.
Melt pump capacity is suitable to the throughput of extruder.

Melt blown fabric die with root blower for hot air with nose cleaning system

This die is center - fed die with coat hanger shape and adjustable lips so as to get the hot air flow as required incorporating 40 holes/inch.

The die is connected to the screen changer and is mounted on a trolley made of heavy- duty steel sections.

The trolley can be moved easily through 4 castor wheels.

The die is made of high tensile alloy steel and all flow surfaces are hard chrome plated and have highly polished surfaces to ensure smooth flow of melt.

A set of cartridge heaters and plate heaters are included, and they constitute 3 temperature zones.

30 kW root blower for hot air arrangement.

Heater assembly with stainless steel fabricated box with 60 kW heaters suitable for 250-to-350-degree hot air.

Nose cleaning system.

Vertical fabric forming unit

800 mm wide spiral jointed polyester anti-static fabric forming belt with sufficient air permeability. Belt moves on dynamically balanced guide rollers.

Designed to collect filaments coming from the melt blown die.

Web forming unit is built on sturdy steel structure with number of rollers with motorized height adjustment.

One moving anti-static belt made from polyester suitable for 650 mm fabric is provided. Suction blower for hot air suction and fabric forming is provided.

0.17 kW AC web aligner is provided to keep moving conveyor belt in the Centre.

Web forming belt is driven by 0.75 kW AC motor. Motorized reverse forward movement for fabric forming unit.

Take-off and single station winder

The frame consists of several aluminum idler rollers, which are dynamically balanced.

The rollers provide path to the sheet web up to take-off unit.

Centre slitting assembly consists of 3 motorized rotary cutters mounted on a shaft. The blades can be put to operation by a handle lock assembly. Slotted guide roll is provided to support the fabric during slitting.

The nip rollers are driven by the 0.75 kW AC motor through reduction gear box. The surface speed of these rollers is in the range of 3 to 18 Mts/Min.

The winding shaft is driven by 0.75 kW AC motor through a worm reduction gearbox and controls for this are provided in a remote box mounted on the winder.

6 kW static charge inducement unit is provided.

Process control panel

Made of steel sections and steel sheets duly powder coated and consists of:
The mains isolator-switch with fuse unit – 1.
AVF function with energy meter – 1.
Variable frequency drive for extruder AC motors – 1.
Variable frequency drive for forming unit – 1.
Variable frequency drive for take-off – 1.
Variable frequency drive for winder – 1.
Microprocessor based digital auto tuned temperature controllers with RYB current indicators with cold start protection – 9.
Fe-k thermocouple – 9.
Temperature indicator for middle polishing rolls – 1.
Line speed indicator for take-off.
Emergency stop on main panel, on polishing roll assy., on take-off winder operating console – 3.
Remote panel operating console for take-off winder operation – 1.
DOL starter for Trim winder – 1.

Contactors, relays, fuses, MCBs and outgoing lead terminals as required.
An exhaust fan is provided in the panel.
Standard length of different cables from panel to machine as per our GA drawing is included in the standard scope of supply.

Buyer's supply
These are only indicative

Water pump, 5 HP power, 400 Lit/Min @ 12 mt. of head pressure (for feed section) water inlet temperature @ 30°C to feed is required.
The water required for circulation in various parts of the machine should be soft, filtered to be free from solid particles and pH value should be in the range of 7 to 8. It is strongly recommended to use a proper industrial water filter and water softening plant to avoid future scaling and related problems.

Power supply with main distribution panel to cover full installed load with mains indications, 415 V ± 5 %, three phase, 50 Hz, cables laid up to control panel.