For Sale - UM - 17190 - Comexi 8 Colors Flexographic Printing Machine


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UM - 17190


Comexi 8 Colors Flexographic Printing Machine

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Product Details

Fast sleeve change
Web width (mm) :- 1500
Print width (mm) :- 1420
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm) :- 1000
Rewinder type:- Turret
Drying:- GAS

Videocamera:- Yes. Motorized video equipment,
From BST (model SHS 2002) for impression viewing only.

Web guides

Inking system:- Automatic ink feed system including:
Pneumatic pump for ink feeding and
Pneumatic pump for ink suction on each deck.
Automatic cleaning system for individual or simultaneous decks.
Includes 3 tanks of 400 liter each for clean, dirty and semi dirty solvent.

Anilox 100L 16g 1 ;120L 15g 1;120L 12g 2;140L 12g 1;160L 12g 1;200L 7g 1;200L 10g 3;260L 5.5g 1;320L 3.5g 4;320L 5.5g 1 (Lines/cm) Volume (cm3/m2)

Print Sleeves:- 8x470,510,544,600,630,650,677,710,745,800,842,880,920,950,1005,1010,1022,1040,1100,1125 Length of repetition, considering 1.14 mm plate and 0.55 mm tape

Additional information Speed 365 m/min