For Sale - UM - 18407 - Comexi FP 1808 CNC 8 Colors CI Flexo Press


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UM - 18407


Comexi FP 1808 CNC 8 Colors CI Flexo Press

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Product Details

Model:- FP 1808 CNC
Number of colors:- 8
Overhaul/renovation:- Several upgrades : Siemens S7 PLCs.
Register system upgraded to encoders.
Sleeves for 1.7 plates.
Repeates 400-640mm.
Rossini everstat sleeves and Axcyl.8 Rossini adaptors with metalic rings. Anilox from Sandon.
Eltromat web inspection system with matricial error detecor.
Ultrasonic visco controller for all decks.
Ferrarini corona web.
Heaford manual monter with revamp.
Flexoart ink chambers and fixation system to reduce vibration.
Stainless rack for both sleeve and anilox.
Imbroved system for fast ink changeover.
Inline ink cooling system for each deck

Fast sleeve change
Web width (mm):- 1050
Print width (mm):- 1000
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm):- 800
Rewinder type:- Turret Non Stop
Drying:- Gas
Videocamera:- Video system -BST-Eltromat IPQ with Register system & inspection system Eltromat
Corona treatment:- Ferrarini & Benelli
Web guides:- BST
Inking system:- Electrical pump inking system.Pneumatic pumps .
Doctor blades system from flexo Art
Anilox:- 5x340L/cm Vol3,6; 2x340L/cm Vol3,5; 2x340 L/cm Vol3,4; 2x360L/cm Vol3,8; 1x340L/cm Vol4,8; 1x340L/cm Vol5 ; 2x320 L/cm Vol6,5; 1x260L/cm Vol5; 2x280L/cm Vol7,7; 1x200L/cm Vol 7,7; 1x200L/cm Vol10,2;2x200L/cm Vol5,3 ; 120L/cm Vol9,4; 120L/cm Vol10;100L/cm Vol12

Print Sleeves:- as available 8x400,410,420,430,440,450,460,480,490,510,520,530,540,550,560,570,580,590,600,610,620,640mm Twinlock 16x440mm; 9x490,500,520,580,640mm; 8x590,620mm

Additional information:-
Materials: BOPP, PET, LDPE, NYLON, Cellophane Speed 250m/min Cantilever system to work with sleeves Sleeves and twinlocks Automatic positioning & adjustement of all print stations Lateral side register tolerance +/- 5 mm Fire safety - CO2 Automatic extinguishing system-bottles excluded Cylinder width 1000 mm With motorized longitudinal register Banana rolls, 1 pcs Cliché holder hoist lifting Electrical hoists, 3 pcs Plate mounting machine included Rack for sleeves storage included PLC revamp to Siemens S7 done Ink cooling Gears 8x330,340,350,360,370,380,390,400,410,420,430,435 ; 10x440,450; 8x 460; 10x470,480,490,500,510,520 ;8x 530,540,550,560,570,580,590,600,610,620mm