For Sale - UM - 17466 - Ofem Juliette 6 Colors CI Flexo Printing Machine


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UM - 17466


Ofem Juliette 6 Colors CI Flexo Printing Machine

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Product Details

Print possibilityes: 6+0
Fast sleeve change
Computer supervision
Web width (mm): 650
Print width (mm): 600
Min print repeat (mm): 250
Max print repeat (mm): 650
Unwinder type: Single position
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm): 1250
Rewinder type: Single position
Max reel diameter rewinder (mm): 1250
Drying: 2 zones 4 fans - Gas burner
Videocamera: yes BST Super Handy Scan
Inking system: Enclosed doctor blade chambers with ceramic anilox rollers
Anilox: Anilox as follows:
6 x 180L x g. 7,5 2 x 150L x g. 8,2 3 x 110L x g. 13 2 x 80L x g. 16
1 x 60L x g. 20.8 2 x 140L x g. 9.5 / 10 2 x 255 x g 5/5.5
Print Sleeves: Printing sleeves brand evergreen with gears as follows: 12x25cm,12x26,12x27, 12x28, 12x29, 24x30, 18x31, 18x32, 18x33, 18x34, 12x35, 12x36, 18x37, 12x38, 12x39,12x40, 12x44, 12x45, 12x48 cm. plus 6 carriers.
Sleeves for full solid printing, range 507 mm 2x300, range 647mm 1x300, range 647mm 1x370, range 345 mm 1x350mm.
Print cylinders: Plate cylinder gears: 8x25cm, 8x26cm, 8x27cm, 8x28cm, 6x29cm, 6x30cm, 6x31cm, 6x32cm, 6x33cm, 6x34cm, 6x35cm, 6x36cm, 6x37cm, 6x38cm, 6x39cm, 6x40cm, 6x44cm, 6x45cm, 6x48cm
Additional informations: Material: paper 40 - 140 gsm
Type of inks: flexographic water based, converted to use of solvent based as well turner bars system 6+6 recently installed