For Sale - UM - 17598 - Andreotti Rotostar Rotopk 9 Colors Rotogravure Printing Machine


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UM - 17598


Andreotti Rotostar Rotopk 9 Colors Rotogravure Printing Machine

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Product Details

Number of colors:- 9
Overhaul/renovation:- fully refurbished in 2010 – drying and ventilation, all idle rollers, all water-cooled cylinders, PLC upgrade, register control new
Web width (mm):- 1020
Print width (mm):- 1000
Print repeat range (mm):- 350-860 mm
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm):- 800
Rewinder type:- VEA year 2005 shafted, turret type flying splice
Videocamera:- Drello print inspection camera V5000 (year 2011)
Register control:- Register control Registron 5100 (year 2012)
Additional information:- 250 m/min printing speed Min diam for automatic flying splice :450 mm Web tension range : 3 to 30 kg Shafts for F 70/76 mm and F 152 mm Materials to print BOPP 20-60µm, PET 10-60 µm, BOPA 15-60 µm, paper and laminates 30-100 gsm ESA Spengler Heliofurn H 84/89 (year 1996) 6 units Pressure rollers for ESA 15 pcs. LEL control Honeywell ( year2009 ) Antistatic bars Spengler Cylinder insertion trolleys13 PCS Doctor blade holders 18PCS Ink pumps 15PCS Ink tanks 18PCS Ink trays for units 1 to 7 : 19 pcs Ink trays small for units 1 to 7: 14 PCS Ink trays for unit 8 :2PCS Ink pans for unit 9 :3PCS Transmission gears 16PCS Bushings:40PCS Cylinder shafts (two widths cylinders 1100 and 880 mm)) 30+23 Pressure rollers (shafted) :46PCS Turning-bars after print unit 8 Machine is fully operational and may be inspected in production.