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UM - 18096


PVC Extrusion Machines


Tamil Nadu

Product Details

2 new PVC Extrusion machines
74 TR chiller,
Hot & cool mixer,Scrap grinder not even fixing the parts.
Extrusion machine can be used for UPVC doors & window profiles,
Wall panels ,PVC pipe

1) Vacuum loader to extrusion line:- Loading motor power: 5.5KW with rated transmission capacity: 400kg/h
Closed structure can diminish powder power in environment;Suitable for positive pressure transportation;Material discharge by pneumatic butterfly valve;Impulse is filter bag automatic clearing system with impulse self clean device;Material load control by level indicator.

2) SJZ80/156 Conical twin screw extruder with Siemens PLCwith air conditioner:- Melt capacity: 300kg/h.
Automation & Remote Function: Siemens PLC controlling system for centralized Controlling and monitoring for temperature, pressure, current, speed etc
Main motor: WEG/Siemens original, Achieved global after service
Frequency inverter: ABB550
Heating control: SSR, Crydom brand
Pressure sensor: Dynisco
Electronic component: Schneider/LG/Siemens/Omron
Vertical type gear box and main bearing from NSK,Japan
Double screw dosing feeding system: stable and fast feeding
Side screw dosing feeder for feed recycle PVC flake directly into extruder
Air conditioner for cooling inside of electrical cabinet.
Refrigeration Capacity: 2KW

3) Vacuum feeder:- Motor power: 0.85KW
Pipe diameter: F38
Hopper : stainless steel
Max air volume: 2 M3/min

4) Plastic hopper dryer
Power of air-blower: 0.18KW;
Heating power: 4.5KW.

5) SJ50/30 single screw co-extruder with side feeder:-
Melt capacity: 30-35kg/h

6) 300mm Vacuum Calibration platform 10m
Exterior dimension:- Lx W x H: 10000x1200x1000mm (adjustable)
Vacuum pump: 5.5KW × 5sets + 4KW × 1set, equipped air & water
Separator:- Vacuum gauge include
Water pump:- Water pump: 4KW×1set+3KW×1set
Negative pressure tank with stainless steel material
Pipe line, ball valve, fittings and quick connector for both water and vacuum material: Stainless steel
Level control by floating ball valve, stainless steel material

Three direction adjustment:
Forward and Backward with 1.5KW motor, control by electronic
Range: ±500mm
Up and down, with 0.75 KW × 2sets motor, control by electronic
Range: up and down: ±50mm
Left and right moving by manual, Range: ±50mm

Air dryer:
Blower power:0.75KW, for drying final product with air with direction

Nylon roller support for smoothly move forward

Electric cabinet:
Independent operation panel for easy operation
Electronic component: Schneider/LG/Siemens/Omron

7) 300mm Haul-off & cutter:- Integration installed in monobloc type of haul off and cutter
300mm Haul off machine:- Hauling speed: 6m/min
Motor power: 2.2KW×2sets, with Rexnord USA band gear reducer
Speed control by ABB550 inverter and independent controlling
Caterpillar length:2800mm, Caterpillar effective impact length: 2300mm;
Rubber block material: high quality silicone with grooved surface, install plate adopt aluminum material
Fast changing/insert type for easy operation and replacement
Pneumatic impact by Airtac cylinder, Taiwan brand
Control method: pressure meter control and adjusting
Rubber block material: rubber and surface with groove
Impact mechanical position by screws

300mm Cutter:
Cutting Method: manual and automatic
Cutting length is measured by encoder
Cutting type: saw cutter.
Cutting motor power: 3KW
Cutting saw diameter: 300mm
Maximum cutting size of profile up to 250 x 150 mm
Saw material: high quality alloy steel
Pneumatic impact by Airtac cylinder, Taiwan brand

Synchronous cutting driving by pneumatic, Airtac cylinder, Taiwan brand
With scrap collecting device, motor power: 1.5 KW, double station
With Siemens PLC to program the cutting length and quantity

Electronic component:
Equipped emergency stop device
Encoder: Autonics
PLC interface and module: Siemens brand

8) 300mm Tipping table:- Touch final product material: Stainless steel
Length: 6000mm, The height is adjustable
Discharge: Pneumatic driving, cylinder: AIRTAC(Taiwan brand)

9) Electrical cables for 3 lines:- 3×10mm2+2×6mm2 -- 100 meters
3×4mm2+2×2.5mm2 -- 100 meters