For Sale - UM - 19163 - Raulirnex 8 Colors Rotogravure Printing Machine


Reference Numbers

UM - 19163


Raulirnex 8 Colors Rotogravure Printing Machine

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Model:- Traulistar
No. of Print Station:- 4
Maximum Machine Speed Maximum:- 300 rpm
Maximum Web width:- 1050 mm
Minimum Web width:- 500 mm
Maximum Cylinder Circumference:- 900 mm
Minimum Cylinder Circumference:- 400 mm
Maximum Cylinder Face Length:- 1200 mm
Minimum Cylinder Face length:- 600 mm
Idle roller width:- 1150 mm
Hollow Impression Roller:- 1100 mm

U/W section:-
U/W Type:- Splicing Turret unit
U/W led holding:- Shafted / 3' & 6" Air shaft
3U/W reel Diameter (Max):- 800 mm
U/W splice (Under/Over) Both
Pre Heating System:- Steel Roller
Web Guide(:- BST
Infeed Unit

Printing unit:- 8 units
Dryer:- Individual Blower with Radiator
Ink Pump with Tank Electrical (Flame Proof Motor)
Impression roller:- Hollow Type

R/W Unit:-
R/W Type:- Splicing Turret unit
R/W reel holding:- Pneumatic Shaft / 3' & 6" core
R/W reel Diameter (Max):- 800 mm
R/W splice (Under/Over) Under
5 Out feed Unit

Register Control System:- ALYGN Registration System (Length +Side)
Web Video System:- BST Handy 4000
Exhaust:- one Exhaust unit for all stations
Machine Dimension:- 19.160 m (L) x 4.430 m (W) x 4.9 m (H)