For Sale - UM - 17691 - 1.2" 40/1 Leistritz Twin Screw Pelletizing Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 17691


1.2" 40/1 Leistritz Twin Screw Pelletizing Line

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

500 rpm screw speed,
10.5 kw (15 hp) drive,
Electrically heated water cooled barrel.
Barrel includes (2) side feeders,
Operator panel with touch screen controls and co-rotating
Counter-rotating gear box capability,
Includes (3) K-tron loss and weight feeders
(2) liquid feeders, each with pump.
Multiple spare parts including shafts for co-rotating and
Counter-rotating design, and multiple screw elements.
Downstream includes 8? x 10' long stainless steel cooling trough on Casters with air knife at the trough exit.
Rieter Model (Primo 60E) strand pelletizer with 2.375 feed opening.
Has 36-knife helical style rotor. Driven by 2.2 kw AC motor.
Still installed as operated in laboratory setting.