For Sale - UM - 18714 - Erema RGA 100E- HG Recycling Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 18714


Erema RGA 100E- HG Recycling Line

Year Of Manufacture


Present Condition

Machine is in very good condition



Product Details

Erema RGA 100E - HG
Output approx. 340 kg / h,
Complete unit including conveyor belt,
Metal detector,
Cutting compactor,
Filtering before degassing,
Automatic partial backwash screen changer,
Hot cut pelletizer. many spare parts

PP, PE, ABS, EPS, 350 kg / h / Refurbished in 2019
Extruder motor power: 75 kW (new motor with inverter)
Aglomerator motor power: 55kW (new motor)
Double degassing
Erema water ring pelletizing
Internet conection