For Sale - UM - 17933 - Intarema 1714 TVE Plus Recycling Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 17933


Intarema 1714 TVE Plus Recycling Line

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Working hours 37351
Throughput 1000 - 1300 kg/h
Cutter Compactor Ø 1700 mm
Cutter Compactor motor: 250 kW
Extruder motor: 315 kW frequency controlled
Extruder Screw: Ø 140 mm single screw
Belt Conveyor with Double Layer All Metal Detector
Powder Dosing Unit Brabender FW80
Erema Laser Filter
Screen diameter: 350 mm number of screens: 2 total filter area: 1,342 cm2 cleaned by 6 scrapers
Vacuum Pump
Water System for Vacuum Pump
Die Face Pelletising System
Pellet Dewatering Screen
Water Pump Station
Pellet Drying Centrifuge
Throughput Meter

List of spare parts available
1. Touch screen display smatic panel PC477C
2. PLC Controller SIMATIC S7- 300 – programmed
3. Termo Controller KS Vario /Profibus/
4. Main motor 315 kW
5. Repair kit – Cutter compactor shaft, bearings, seals – complete kit
6. Main motor gearbox
7. Main motor coupling
8. Ventilator for main motor inverter drive

Electrical oven for screen cleaning
Two-chamber cascade oven with working chamber for pyrolysis and carbonation and a second chamber for combustion with separate control.

Technical parameters:
Working chamber - 400 x 400 x 300 mm;
Capacity - 4 screens;
Heating - electrical
Maximum temperature for the working chamber 600 ° C and for the combustion chamber - 1000 ° C;
Pmax = 10 kW (for both cameras);
Fan in the working chamber for equalization of temperature;
Microprocessor temperature control in the working chamber - profile thermostat, for power regulation.