For Sale - UM - 16978 - Munchy Film Reclaim Line


Reference Number

UM - 16978


Munchy Film Reclaim Line

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Munchy 55 mm tapered screw extruder with

4"/2.16" diameter tapered screw.

Has electrically heated air cooled barrel and approximately 13/1 L/D ratio.

Includes approximately 16" X 9" feed throat entrance with

6" wide side feed pull roll assembly as well as top feed hopper.

Extruder gearbox is belt driven by 17 kW motor,

50/60 hertz, 380-420/440-480 volt.

Includes step down transformer with 480 volt primary,

415 volt secondary.

Manually actuated screen changer

Hot cut pelletizing system with

2-blade rotor driven by a .37 kW 180 volt motor.

Includes blower for material discharge, and

Approximately 10" diameter Cooling loop with cyclone discharge.