For Sale - UM - 17064 - Union Extruder And Pelletizing Line


Reference Number

UM - 17064


Union Extruder And Pelletizing Line

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Fully rebuilt; Union extruder 6” (150mm) screw diameter
standard centerline center-line 41” (1040mm),
New Xaloy Bimetallic 30:1 L:D vented side opening,
Air cooled barrel with 7 control zones including heavy duty blowers Including all new barrel and screen changer heaters,
New wiring, , Used Screw two stage (for venting) not rebuilt so can be for specific customer requirement or supplied as is.
Large rectangular feed throat opening 8.5” x 10” (216mm x 254mm) with new insert sleeve,
Heavy duty gear reducer with integrated thrust bearing,
Herringbone high torque gearing, ratio 14:1, the gear reducer can handle up to 550 HP, (420 Kw) motor input.
Existing drive motor 220 Kw (290 HP) Bull DC motor fully rebuilt .
No drive controller included.
New temperature control panel with 13 zones, including screen changer zones, and die zones,
Drive motor, belt driven into the gear reducer. ,
All new heavy duty long life “Starflex” type barrel heaters,
Machine condition “reconditioned”, Work program includes ,
Motor rebuilt, new barrel heaters rebuilt blowers, new insert liner into feed throat,
Any remaining wiring throughout to be checked and repaired or replaced as required.
Barrel covers allow for air escape and insulated,
Location Lockport, New York, electric’s will be 380/3/50 Included, Fully rebuilt 6” (150mm) screen changer.
A fully new control panel with 16 control zones is supplied all items new controls and new siring throughout.
The oil pump system supplied for 380 volt voltage on the oil pump motor for the extruder.
The 220KW (nominal 300 HP) motor is belt driven to the extruder gear reducer is quoted in this quotation.
This yields a top screw speed of 74 rpm.
If an alternative motor should be used i.e. 400HP or larger up to the spec of the gear reducer and if this motor is direct coupled to the gear reducer screw speeds up to 125 rpm can be achieved and thus a substantial increase in production achieved in amount of approximately 60 % more production.

This extruder should be capable of production up to around .75 lb. per hour of PET bottle regrind,
with belt drive and 220 KW motor and around 1.4+ ton per hour with a larger motor direct driven.
Materials would be normal type process materials for this production. Screw design be suitable for running PET-A typical bottle materials.