For Sale - UM - 19982 - Rigid PVC Calender Line


Reference Number

UM - 19982


Rigid PVC Calender Line

Year Of Manufacture


Present Condition

Machine is in excellent condition



Product Details

5 Roll Calender roll size 360 x 1100 mm, with individual drive AC VFD motors, 10 roll take off, 12 roll cooling train, pull roll and 2 station turret winder.
Rolls are heated by electrically heated Thermic oil.
Complete with electrical panels and heating cooling system.

Planetary Gear Extruder PE 150 with 75 Kw AC VFD motor and heating units for barrel and screw heating and cooling

300 x 600 litre capacity High speed mixer with 75 Kw VFD motor and 15 kw AC motor for cooling mixer.

Resin feeding system with conveyors
Major Spares
2 no Calender rolls with bearing blocks
Spare Barrel, main screw and planets for PE 150
Plant capacity 300 tons per month