For Sale - UM - 19577 - Rotomec 8 Colors Gearless CI Flexo Printing Press


Reference Number

UM - 19577


Rotomec 8 Colors Gearless CI Flexo Printing Press

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Model:- EG400
CI or stack:- Cl
Type of inks:- Solventbased
Number of colors:- 8
Max. web width:- 1380 mm
Max. printing width:- 1300 mm
Min. – Max. printing repeat:- 380 - 720 mm
Max. mechanical speed:- 300 m/min
Material & Min – Max thickness:- Paper, PP, PET, LDPE, HDPE
Unwind type:- Automatic turret
Max. unwind reel diameter:- 1000 mm
Rewind type:- Automatic turret
Max. rewind reel diameter:- 1000 mm
Number & sizes airshafts for winder:- 3" and 6"
Drying type:- Electric
Edge guide
Video camera:- Yes, BST eltromat WSC420
Viscosity control:- Yes, Inelme
Number of aniloxes 14
Number of carrier sleeves:- 32
Number of sleeves 146