For Sale - UM - 19981 - Sheet Extrusion Line


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UM - 19981


Sheet Extrusion Line



Product Details

Width of finished product after slit : 625 mm
Thickness of the finished product: 0.20 to 1.0 mm
Max. output capacity of extruder :70 to 100 kg/h

Configuration and specification:
Extruder: one

a.Gearbox: one ( GUOMAO)
The body of the gearbox is made from cast steel. The teeth deal with grinding and peeling eventually, which provides damping, antifriction, low-noise, long using period etc. characteristics.

b. The screw
Screw diameter: 80mm
L/D: 30: 1
Style: Special
Material: high quality nitrided steel-38 Cr MoAIA
Nitration depth: 0.3-0.6 mm, hardness? 740 HV,fragility is 2 grades.

c. Barrels:
Material: high quality nitrided steel-38 Cr MoAIA
Nitration depth: 0.4-0.7 mm, hardness? 940 HV,fragility is 2 grades.

d.Heating zones: 8 zones

e.The electric heater is made of cast aluminum. Every electric heater has a specially designed tunnel for heat radiating.

f.The fans are featured with low lose and high effectiveness.

g.Main motor power: 45 kw (Chinese name brand: BEIDER, Siemens standard motor factory)

h.AC motor with a inverter control (ABB )
i.The whole temperature control system is of Japanese Omron
j.A.C contactors are of Simens
k.Auto Vacuum loading machine: one

2.2 Fast screen changer: one (YAOAN)
a.Its special internal structure provides a excellent seal effect

b.The parts of Screen changer consisting the mould are made of alloy steel, which experienced heat treatment strictly.

c.Control style: complete hydraulic pressure
d.Hydraulic control power: 5 HP
e.Diameter of the jar: 100mm
f.Pressure adjuster: one

2.3 T-die: one (YAOAN)
a.Width of mould: 850 mm
b.Material: super heat resistance alloy steel
c.The flows are plated chrome. And the flow surface is mirror polished.

d.The outlets of the mould can be adjusted with the adjustable screws slightly.

e.There are 5 heating zones in the mould. Heating power in every zone: 3 kw
f.The heat means: heating inside by bar heaters

2. 4. Polishing roll stack: one (YAOAN)
b.Roll number: 3 pc
c.Diameter of roll: 395 mm
d.Roll length: 900 mm
e. Wall thickness of the roll: ?25 mm
f. Roll surface treatment: 14 grade super treatment of mirror polishing

g.Structure of the rolls is of multi layer compound style oil exchange
system, which provides a good thermostat.

h. Media: water
i. Tolerance: ±1?

j. The thermostat system controls temperature of the three rolls separately. The temperature of the three rolls can be adjusted individually.

l. The transmission system is of individual control mould; gear box: Qiangzhu

m. Transmission power: 2.2 kw×3, (inverter duty motor: SKF ) inverter control : ABB
n.One emergency stop system: one
o.Precise adjusting system for the clearance between the three rolls.
p. Hydraulic pressure system for Clamping and open-close
q. Front and back movement motor: 1.5 KW

2.5. air cooling stand: one
a. Number of the transmission rollers: 8 P CS
b. Diameter of the rollers: 80mm 800 mm Length
c. Roller surface treatment: plated chrome and half-mirror polishing
d. Surface treatment: hard chrome plating and half-mirror treatment

2. 6.Online trim unit: one
Slitting by blade
Edge winder: one set
Power: 1HPX2

2.7.Haul off unit: one

a.Haul off steel roller: one
Diameter of the roller: 200 mm
Length of the roller: 900 mm
Surface treatment: plated chrome and half-mirror polishing

b.Haul off rubber roller: one
Diameter of the roller: 200 mm
Length of the roller: 900 mm
Surface treatment: coated erosion resistance, heat resistance and friction resistance rubber and polished.

c.Clamping and open-close means: pneumatic
d. driven motor power: 2.2 kw (Inverter duty motor: SKF)
e. Control style: Frequency conversion (ABB Inverter)
f. Gear box: QIANGZHU

2.8. double station winder: one set
Style: disc style
Max. roll diameter: 600 mm
Shaft number: two
Torque length: 10 N.M
Control by a high-grade torque motor

2.9 Main free spare parts list and operation tools:
Ampere meter: 3 pieces
AC. contactor: 3 pieces
Temperature controller: 2 pcs
Heater: Tubular heater: 4 pieces
Ring heaters: 8 pieces
Heat resistant wire: 20m
Option switch: 2 pieces
Thermocouple socket: 2 pieces
Seal for extruder: one set /each