For Sale - UM - 19241 - Soma 8 Colors CI Flexo Printing Machine


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UM - 19241


Soma 8 Colors CI Flexo Printing Machine

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Product Details

Model: Flex-Optima 8 EG/WG
Number of colors: 8
Print possibilityes: 8+0
Overhaul/renovation: used only for printing test and demo in demo
center , not for daily production .less than 1000 hours f operation
4 motor per deck CNC position system
Computer supervision: Yes
Web width (mm): 850
Print width (mm): 820
Min print repeat (mm): 280
Max print repeat (mm): 600
Unwinder type: Single position shaftless
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm): 1000
Rewinder type: Single position shaftless
Max reel diameter rewinder (mm): 1000
Drying: 2 zones - 4 fans- Tunnel 3mt lomg 19 air knives 2 gas burners
Videocamera: BST Digital Super Handy Scan 4000 with automatic register control
Corona treatment : yes
Web guides: Yes in and out
Washing system: Yes automatic
Inking system: Closed chamber doctor blades with pneumatic ink pumps with mixer

Anilox: 14 ceramic anilox sleeves 4 x360 lines/cm-vol3,5; 3x320 L/cm-vol.6,5 ; 1x260L/cm.vol.6,2 ; 3x180 L/cm- vol.12; 1x 180 L/cm-vol.8; 1x140 L/cm-vol.10 ;1x 100 L/cm-vol.14

Print Sleeves: 8x260, 8x270, 8x280, 8x290, 8x300, 8x320, 8x330, 8x350, 8x360, 8x380, 8x400,8x430, 8x450, 8x490

Additional informations: Materials: LDPE 0.020-0.160 mm, HDPE/OPP 0.010-0.150 mm, CPP 0.020-0.070 mm, BOPP 0.010-0.060 mm, PET 0.012-0.050 mm, OPA 0.015-0.050 mm,
Laminates 0.020-0.150 mm, Paper 20-180 g
Temperature control for CI drum and cooling calender
Servo unit for register control-motive reprint on already printed material