For Sale - UM - 19752 - Straw Pipe Production Line


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UM - 19752


Straw Pipe Production Line

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Flexible straw auto making machine is supplementary equipment, it carries on certain specification's drink ascending straw second working, becomes the flexible straw.

Constitutes:- This machine mainly by the shaper, the control box, the hopper, leaves the material transportation to be composed

Characteristic:- The structure is compact, the automaticity is high, simplicity of operator. Revolves steadily, limitless adjustable, the production efficiency is high. Has the output tally function, can the batch warning. The frequency conversion control, has the braking function. Has the breakdown automatic stop function.

Performance:- Productivity ratio: 100-300 pcs/min (At the time of the normal work 150-250 pcs/min) The internal diameter of the straw: 3.8 The length of the straw: 155-225 mm The thickness of the straw: 0.17-0.19 mm The length of section before being very crooked: 30-50mm The jointed number of line the song: 10

The size of appearance: 1900×1400×1800 mm
Weight: 1.0T
Power: VS1.5 KW
Working environment: 0~50°C
Relative humidity=85%