For Sale - UM - 18105 - Gabler M92 XL Thermoforming Machine


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UM - 18105


Gabler M92 XL Thermoforming Machine

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Kuhne PP 90mm Extruder (1993) and Calendar Rolls with Diamat Co-Extruder
Gabler M92 XL (2009) Thermoformer
Bosch Sprang 22 Cavity 95mm PP Tool
Gabler Stacking System
Illig Grinder
Sales outside of Europe only

Model:- M92 XL
Depth of draw:- 200 mm
Max material width:- 820 mm
Max cycles / min:- 52
Max forming area:- 765 x 436 mm
Max mould closing force:- 380 kN
Max top heater output:- 81.90 kW
Max bottom heater output:- 54.60 kW
Operating air pressure:- 6-10 bar