For Sale - UM - 18173 - Thermoforming Machine


Reference Number

UM - 18173


Thermoforming Machine



Product Details

5 Italian machines of the following models and years of manufacture are sold in working condition:
1) FS 750E year of release 2003, three-station machine (forming station, cutting, staker), with preheating.
2) FC 780E year of release 2007, three-station machine, with preheating.
3) FC 780E year 2011, three-station machine.
4) FC 780E year of release 2011, three-station machine.
5) FC 780HP year of release 2007, four-station machine (optional station for punching holes).

Total five working machines.
Two more donor machines are in a warehouse, not working, on conservation.
From these two machines one can be assembled.