For Sale - UM - 17756 - Zed Roll-Fed Thermoforming Machine


Reference Numbers

UM - 17756


Zed Roll-Fed Thermoforming Machine



Product Details

Zed: 1098M3132 SN, SC2525 Model
Max Mold Size:- 25"x 25"
Max Formed Sheet Size:- 25"x 27"
Top Element Type:- Ceramic
Bottom Element Type:- Cal-rad
Number of Oven Zones:- 6 top, 7 bottom, 2 rail heaters
Draw Depth:- 6
Platen Drive Type:- Air
Platen Drive for Trim Press:- Platen drive is air, final cut is hydraulic
Trim Press Tonnage:- 110 tons
Servo Indexing:- Yes. Reliance Servo Motor with PDM150 Servo Positioning Drive Module and PSM 125 Power Supply Module. Servo Amplifier is equipped with a serial port and 24 VDC parallel I/O ports.
Unwind Stand and Unwinder Included
Controller Make and Model:- GE 90-30 Series Programable Logic Controller (PLC). It has a 10 slot chassis with power supply.
One slot is for the 331 CPU and the rest are for I/O.
There is an LCD color touchscreen coupled with an Intel based inductial computer containing operation information.
Process variables can be changed through the other various screens of the industrial computer. RS-232 serial communications.
Vacuum Pump HP:- 2 HP
Voltage:- 460