For Sale - UM - 19540 - Uniloy 350-C3 Blow Molding Machine


Reference Numbers

UM - 19540


Uniloy 350-C3 Blow Molding Machine



Product Details

Screw Diameter:- 3.5" high output reciprocating
L/D Ratio:- 24:1
Drive:- DC Reliance drive (lbs/hr): 125hp (580)
Throughput:- HDPE .96 density, 0.7 MI- Melt Index
Hopper:- Standard Hopper with rebuild magnet case
Painting for all the equipment

Machine 2:- Two parison Accumulator extrusion die heads with 24” C/L
Accumulator Head:- Two 10 lbs

Machine 3:- Clamp Assembly
Clamp Force:- 90 Ton
Stroke:- 20"
Shut Height:- 12" to 24"
Single Sided Clamp:- 58" x 28"
Toggle:- Double Rotac toggle design with full lock-up and cross port relief

Machine 4:- New Control

Controller:- New Direct Logic programmable logic controller with electronic isolated interface
Screen:- 6" Touch Screen
Power Requirements:- 460 Volt / 3 Phase / 60 Hz
Controls:- Right and Left hand operator controls

Machine 5:- Take out system station/parison Programmer system
Arm:- Swing Arms
Double Accumulator Head:- Cylinder, servo and LVDT