For Sale - UM - 18854 - Uniloy Reciprocating Screw 2-Head Blow Molder.


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UM - 18854


Uniloy Reciprocating Screw 2-Head Blow Molder.

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Uniloy reciprocating screw 2-head Blow Molder.
Model R2000-100-2,
Dual heads are on 24" centers with approximately 2"OD tooling installed. Has 54" X 21" overall platen size and 20" vert. X 46.5" Horizontal between tie bars, clear platen.
Minimum/maximum shut height 12"/24", 90 ton clamp tonnage.
Includes 100mm extruder, 24/1 L/D driven by a 125 HP motor, supplying 2000 gram (71 ounce) shot size.
Includes Siemens 50S touch screen and 30 HP hydraulic pumping system for clamp/head operation and 10 HP hydraulic for extruder carriage movement.