For Sale - UM - 17988 - Windmoller Soloflex 8 Colors CI Flexo Central Drum Printing Press


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UM - 17988


Windmoller Soloflex 8 Colors CI Flexo Central Drum Printing Press

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Product Details

Model: Soloflex
Number of colors: 8
Print possibilityes: 8+0
Fast sleeve change
Computer supervision
Web width (mm): 850
Print width (mm): 820
Min print repeat (mm): 280
Max print repeat (mm): 600
Unwinder type: Cantilever turret
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm): 600
Rewinder type: Turret
Max reel diameter rewinder (mm): 600
Drying: Electric
Videocamera: BST HandyScan pro 3000
Corona treatment : 1 Softal
Web guides: BST
Inking system: Ceramic anilox + doctor blade
Anilox: l.xcm3/m2, 80x24,100x13,2,100x18,100x20,100x20,100x14,8-14,3,100x14,7,110x9,5,120x9,130x9,7,130x9,6,140x8,7,140x8,9,140x8,5,160x10,180x7,6,180x7,5,200x6,200x6,4,200x6,4,220x9,230x6,3,230x6,3,255x5,7,255x5,6,255x5,7,255x5,9,255x5,6,255x5,6,320x4,7,320x4,7,320x4,6 ,320x4,8,340x4,340x4,340x4.

Print Sleeves: 250x8, 260x9, 265x9,270x15, 275x8, 280x16, 285x8, 290x8,300x7,310x8,315x8,330x10,335x8,340x8,345x8,350x8,355x10,375x8,380x16,400x9,405x8,410x8,420x7,440x10,445x7,470x10,480x8,490x24
Additional informations: Flexo plates mounting machine Microflex (DuPont)
Pumps 23 pieces.
Ink boxes big 9 pieces
Ink tanks small 5 pieces.
Doctor blade chambers 15 pieces.
Pallets 20 pieces.
Doctor blades 390 pieces.
Stands for 4 ink tanks 2 pieces.
Ink pipes 10 pieces.
Trolley for rolls 1 piece.