Message from Mr. Otto Kirchner, CEO, FRANKISHCHE, Germany

    I am delighted to interact with the readers of KOLSITE News about the many advantages of Corrugated Pipe Technology and the enormous potential for it in the Indian Market.

    The booming Indian economy and the high growth in every sector indicate tremendous potential for Corrugated Pipes

     Corrugated Pipe and System Solutions are ideal for critical applications in drainage and storm water management and sewage systems. They are also widely used in electro installation, cable protection, house technology, automotive chemical, aerospace as well as machinery and facility technology

    These pipes have substantially stronger structure with much lighter weight as compared to conventional pipes. It has high ring stiffness and crush resistance capacity. An ideal blend of structural strength and flexibility, it can take heavy earth loads. It can be easily used even on uneven ground due to its flexibility. Its smoother inner wall allows minimum friction loss and faster flow. These advantages coupled with the boom in application sectors will translate into higher demand for these pipes. Therefore, processors investing in these pipe production facilities would get good returns on their investment.

As developer and manufacturer of Flexible PVC, HDPE, PP and PA Corrugated Pipes of Single / Double Walled designs, Pipe Systems and Pipe Production Facilities of high technical perfection, FRANKISCHE has positioned itself on the top in different market segments. This is the result of an innovative development mindset and over 100 years of experience in pipe production.

     We are a global leader in the development of Fully Automated Advanced Corrugated Pipe Production Facilities for extrusion of pipes with diameters from 6mm to 1500mm. Our specialists plan and equip complete factories for customers. Our technology ensures precise wall thickness distribution, minimum material consumption and world class pipe quality.

    KOLSITE is our strategic partner in India, who with their long experience in advanced plastic extrusion technologies, will market and support us in India. I am confident that the benefits of Corrugated Pipes and Technology, will be accepted wholeheartedly by the Indian Market.

     The Indian Plastic Industry is definitely on a high growth curve. I wish all of you success and luck in participating and partaking in this growth.