Polymer coatings test for cancer, prevent infections, detect bacterial contamination


  • Compounding of polymers comprises the influences of the polymers, additives, and fillers on the morphology developed based on the rheology of the melts, together with mechanisms involved during the melt mixing process. Development of morphology in the polymer system is very crucial to establish the desire physical properties. A team at IIT Delhi is developing novel polymer compounds with specific properties relevant to their intended subsequent applications. Read more Polymer Compounding for Developing Advanced Materials

  • Foams are becoming attractive not only for reduced material consumption, which in turn lowers the cost of production, weight reduction and fuel savings but also; for developing a spectrum of new properties, which are the critical to qualities of specific applications. Polymer foam is polymer matrix with either air bubbles or air tunnels incorporated in it, known as either closed-cell or open-cell structure. Closed-cell foams are generally more rigid, while open-cell foams are usually flexible. Read More Microcellular Foam Processing

  • At IIT Delhi, research is being carried out to investigate and develop the effect of various morphological aspects of blends, composites and nanocomposites along with the processing parameters on the film formability of various polymers, such as, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, PLA (biodegradable) along with various polymers (PCL, Nylon, EVA) as a blend and inorganic fillers (nanoclays, talc and other micro fillers) and organic fillers (conducting polymers). Read more PLA Blends, PP Nanocomposites Improve Film Properties

  • Rheology is the science of materials flow and deformation under shear. All materials can flow under a sufficient time. The rheology road includes those materials exhibiting behavior varying from viscous liquid to elastic solid. By means of materials rheological properties, we optimize processing conditions in extrusion, blow molding and injection molding. This helps in reducing final product cost while minimizing potential costs and thus increasing productivity. Read more Advanced Testing of Rheology of Polymeric Melts