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RM - 4901



Product Details

Black concentrate with high heat stability for the colouring of a wide range of polymers for extrusion and injection.

Composition:- Black SY-9040 Masterbatch contains HAF Type Carbon Black in LDPE.

Base Resin : LDPE
Specific Gravity : 1,14 g/cm3 TS 1310
Light Fastness : 8
Heat Resistance : 300 °C
Total Pigment Content : 40 %
Filler : No

Application:- Black SY-9040 can be used for the colouring of extrusion and injection applications.
It is recommended an addition of 1 to 5 % depending on the requested colour intensity.

Packaging and Storage
Black SY-9040 is supplied in 25 Kg PE Valve Bags.
The Storage should not exceed 12 months.
If the masterbatch is stored below 40°C in a dry and dark places far from heat sources and direct sunlight It has a usable life of 24 months from the date of production.

Hazard properties
It is not included in any dangerous material and any kinds of risk is not expected because of pigments are coated with base resin Polyethylene.