For Sale - PR - 3255 - Clear Braided Reinforced PVC Hose


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PR - 3255


Clear Braided Reinforced PVC Hose



Product Details

Braided Hose Pipe offers far higher pressure capability than-reinforced PVC tubing.
It is made from non-toxic ingredients conforming to USP class VI and FDA standard.
Mirror smooth interior permits outstanding flow characteristics conforming and abrasion resistance with flexibility.
It is light in weight so easy to handle.
It does not crack when in use or stored for long time.
PVC makes the surface smoother and allows better flow of fluid.
It's clear transparency allows, air lock and blockage if any, to be quickly detected last but the most important part it is 50% cheaper than rubber hose.

Imparts no taste or odour.
Available in bulk or fabricated assemblies


Braided PVC hose pipes is having applications, however, some of them are given below:

Air & gas lines
Beverage transfer
Chemical processing & transfer
Laboratory & research
General water suction & discharge
Pharmaceutical manufacture
Pool & spas refrigeneration & cooling systems

Out three different Pvc braided hose pipes have gained better confidence in the mind of various users because it is made from best quality of virgin raw material and no mixing of cheaper chemicals.
the ply adhesion is excellent.
Moreover bonding of two layers of PVC has made the whole hose as a homogeneous entity resulting in greater strength to withstand higher pressure and last longer.

The most important 'Pankaj' knows PVC/Hose pipes really better.