For Sale - AIE - 2852 - Packaged Water Chillers


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AIE - 2852


Packaged Water Chillers


Aerodry Plastics Automation Pvt. Ltd., India

Product Details

ACU Series Packaged Water Chillers are designed to meet diversified process cooling requirements of the modern industry, meant to enhance productivity and quality. Chillers are equipped with the latest safety features and microprocessor controls easy to handle and maintain.

Sailent Features:
- Microprocessor based control
- PHE (Plate heat exchanger) Evaporator
- Large size inbuilt insulated tank
- Shell and tube / large size finned condenser
- High pressure chilled water pump
- Safety features i.e. Single phasing prevention, LP / HP cut outs, anti freeze, dry running protection etc.
- Audio Visual Alarm against operational failure to draw attention
- Crank case heater to prevent liquid migration of refrigerant in compressor
- Filter dryer to ensure moisture free system
- Water re-feeding valve to maintain level in the tank automatically

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