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AIE - 2854


Volumetric Dosing Units


Aerodry Plastics Automation Pvt. Ltd., India

Product Details

Aerodry ADU Series dosing, blending units ensure precise and accurate dosing, blending of master batches in granular/pellets form for plastic processing, thus maintaining uniformity in colour. These units are fully automatic with features of synchronization with main extruder, injection molding machine.

Sailent Features:
- Microprocessor based control to set inspection refill time for screw speed.
- Direct dosing screw eliminating separation.
- Easy to calibrate for accurate dosing.
- Reliable variable speed maintenance free motor stepper.
- Easy emptying for fast material change.
- Synchronization with machine ensures change of Dosing with changing speed of machine extrusion model.
- Built in alarm with auto load facility
- Can feed upto 200 recipe as per production need.
- Steel worm conveyors may be installed with diameters 12/16/20/24/30/35/40/50 mm.
- Special connector for signal from solenoid valve for press plasticizing injection models.

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