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AIE - 3395




Fixopan Machines Pvt. Ltd., India

Product Details

Fixopan pulverizer is a highly sophisticated machine with automatic feeding systems that cut out feed in case of over-heating and vice versa. The machine lifts up the granules and recycles the heavy particles - all automatically. The machine is very simple and user friendly. Fixopan pulverizers enjoy the facility of fully automatic operations with predetermined sequence of operations such as Automatic granule lifter, Automatic on and off feeder, Automatic controls of mill temperature etc.

Fixopan offers various models of pulverizer that are of high quality sturdy machines, which ranges from 40 kg-300 kg/hrs The models of pulverizing machine ensure the production of pulverized material from plastic granules for the manufacturing of high quality final products. Fixopan pulverizer can pulverize LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and various thermoplastic materials and can offer to develop other kinds of pulverize for different materials on request.

Pulverizers are available in various configurations like single mill, double mill, horizontals mill (to be introduced), with various designs, sizes and shapes of pulverizer blades. The pulverizer constitutes of high quality, maintenance-free, efficient components, like the pulverizer blade. The pulverizers have very special designs and are being approved by our in-house quality control and testing departments after going through rigorous tests and routine check-up procedures.

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