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AIE - 3662


Vacuum Dehydration Unit


Pune Energy Control Devices Pvt. Ltd., India

Product Details

Advantages of Vacuum Dehydration Unit:
- Prevents oxidation and extends oil change period
- Prevents excessive wear of machine components
- Maintains original properties of oil

Salient Features:
- Removes traces of moisture, dissolved air and gases
- Indirect and controlled heating of oil
- No loss of oil yielding 100 percent recovery after dehydration.
- Pollution free process
- Trolley mounted portable unit
- Unattended operation after initial start up
- Maintains original properties of fluid being dehydrated.

Liquids that can be dehydrated
- Hydraulic oil
- Lubricating oil
- Transmission oil
- Straight cutting oil
- Gear oil
- Any other synthetic/mineral oil

User Industries:
- Diesel, Hydel and Thermal Power Plants
- Heavy duty earth moving / mining machinery
- Die-casting machines
- Injection / blow Moulding machine
- Hot and Cold rolling mills

Principle of Operation:
Gently heated oil is injected into a vacuum chamber thus extracting dissolved moisture, air and gases from the oil at 450 Degree C to 550 Degree C

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