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AIE - 3704




Aerodry Plastics Automation Pvt. Ltd., India

Product Details

Aerodry AMS Series mechanical conveyors are ideal solution for post processing material handling. With the option of various separating systems conveyors can help separation of parts & sprue. Consumer can use online granulator for recycling of sprue to avoid subsequent handling. Machine dedicated conveyors can be integrated with the main conveyor to transport material to the storage area.

Sailent features:
- Incorporated in conjunction with main machine ensures full automation
- Finished goods transported without manual handling.
- Versatile conveyor for many applications
- Can be positioned curved, inclined or flat as required
- Mounted on self locking castors
- Automatic adjustment for X and Y axis
- Various motor power and speed available
- Reducing the labour to minimum
- Various separators options

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