For Sale - SP - 15382 - Manufacturer of Automotive and Engineering Components


Reference Numbers

SP - 15382


Manufacturer of Automotive and Engineering Components



Product Details

We are an ISO 9001, IATF – 16949 certified leading manufacturer of variety of high-quality products in injection molding and blow molding.

Being customer obsessed, we always strive to solve customer pain points in PQCD (Production, Quality, Cost and Delivery) and go out of the way to support customers with service on parts not supplied by us to them during their critical situation.

Flexibility with customers is our strength, which helped us to expand our presence in various segments of the industry.

Catering to various segments like Automotive (2W, 3W, Car, Trucks, Buses) and Non-Automotive (Chairs, Home products like water purifier, mob etc. Landscape, Recyclable energy – Solar & EV)

Our processes have been built on engineering excellence crafted through unparalleled dedication to Quality & Innovation with a Constant Objective to serve the Local & Export Markets.

We can supply parts to systems – sub assembly and assembly parts to customers.