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SRP - 3661


Electrostatic Oil Cleaner


Pune Energy Control Devices Pvt Ltd., India

Product Details

Advantages of Electrostatic Oil Cleaner:
- Reduction in oil replacement cost.
- Reduction in machine downtime.
- Improves life of the hydraulic system components.
- Ensures un-interrupted manufacturing process.
- Lower rejection rate.

Types of fluids cleaned
- Hydraulic oil
- Turbine oil
- Bearing lubrication oil
- Straight cutting oil
- Any other non-conductive liquid

Limitations on use of EOC
- Fluids with viscosity above 200 CST
- Operating temperature above 600 Degree C
- Moisture content over 500 PPM
- Oils with detergent additives

User Industries:
- Plastic injection moulding
- Extruding and pressure die-casting
- Hydraulic presses
- General hydraulics / servo valves
- Turbine control and bearings
- Hot & cold rolling mills
- Precision machine tools
- Earth moving, construction & mining equipments
- Cement plants
- Power plants

Salient features:
- Removes all suspended contaminants down to 1 micron size.
- Low energy consumption and operating cost.
- Pollution free process.
- Trolley mounted portable unit.
- Maintains original properties of liquid being cleaned.
- Unattended operations after initial start up.

Principle of operation:
Microcare is an electrostatic super cleaning equipment involving removal of suspended contaminants in fluids / oils and collecting them on an enormously spread surface of die-electric media.

Highlights of Electronic Control Panel
- Total operation control with one key switch.
- Continuous monitoring of high voltage and load current.
- Reduced electrical components and wiring.

Contamination Checking Kit:
The results of oil cleaning are checked using this kit supplied with the machine. This is a comparative test based on the patch test carried out on 0.8 micron membrane filter for dirty and clean oil.

Components of the kit:
- Graduated test tube
- Graduated glass cylinder
- Membrane filter
- Membrane holder
- Rubber grommet
- Titration flask
- Clamp
- Vacuum pump
- Rinsing bottle
- Wooden box
- Picker
- Moisture testing gun

Some of our valued customers who are Microcare users:
- National Plastics Ltd.
- Anchor Kenwood Electricals Ltd.
- Cello Group of Companies
- Exotech Plastics Ltd.
- Gaurav Agroplast Ltd.
- Today's Writing Products Ltd.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd.
- Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
- Tata Engineering & Locomotive Co. Ltd.

Power Plants:
- Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd.
- Tata Electric Company Ltd.

Cement manufacturing:
- Vasavadatta Cements Ltd.

Steel manufacturing:
- Bokaro Steel Plant
- Durgapur Steel Plant
- Jindal Iron & Steels Ltd.

Non-Ferrous metal manufacturing:
- Indian Aluminium Ltd.
- Swil Ltd.

Earth Moving Equipments:
- Sanghvi Movers Ltd.

- Kalyani Brakes Ltd.
- Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
- Ingersoll Rand Ltd.

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