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SRP - 3679


Automation for Extrusion


Aerodry Plastics Automation Pvt. Ltd., India

Product Details

Aerodry offers extrusion process control solution based on weight in loss principle in Joint Venture with Bolder Automation GmbH, Germany
These solutions are widely used for blend control in co-extrusion, blow molding, pipe extrusion for controlling the weight per meter and self corrective blend feeling through control of extruder haul off. Incorporation of extrusion process control ensures consistency in quality of end product and substantial cost saving

Salient Features:
- High blending stability
- Equal layer distribution in co-extrusion
- Constant extruder feeding
- Material savings
- Precise measurement, optimal control
- Adaptive hopper refilling
- Adaptive control
- Start-up and change of working points in control
- Diagnostics by detailed status information
- Configurable alarms
- Supervision and control of the drive module

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