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M - 1049


Industrial Moulds

Product Details

We are engaged in design and manufacturing of plastic injection moulds. We Specialize in moulds for medical disposable syringes, cap & closures, drip irrigation etc.

We design and manufacture moulds with high precision and high performance.

We Specialize in 2 part & 3 part syringe moulds which are designed for superior performance and complete interchangeability, produce plastic parts at the highest quality & lowest cost. The important features of our moulds are :-

Material for Core/Cavity - Stavax ESR 420 Grade

·Core/Cavity are hardened by Vacuum heat treatment process instead of normal heat treatment process to obtain uniform hardness of 50 HRC

·Interchangeable inserts

·Direct insert cooling to provide effective cooling and to reduce cycle time

·Balanced runner - Optimizing the runner weight

·Optimum cycle time

·Complete auto function of the mould

·Ease of maintenance

·Lowest possible weight of syringes

All the above features enable the customer to recover its investment in the mould in a short period of time and increase the profitability.