For Sale - M - 1173 - Fast Cycle Time - Hot Runner System


Reference Numbers

M - 1173


Fast Cycle Time - Hot Runner System

Product Details

- The Yudo Mass System is designed for mass production and fast cycle time molding.
- Precision mechanical design: The pin guide bush is installed in the head of the nozzle
which ensures that the valve pin is always maintained concentric with the gate.
- Excellent with various engineering plastics.

Typical applications:
- Engineering parts (CD-Rom, Main frame etc.)

- Precisely manufactured nozzle body.
- Available only for valve gate.
- Only standard specification.
- Nozzle and tip in one body.
- 4 different flow channel sizes.
- Ultra precision required when machining.
- Special surface treated nozzle for uniform and fast heat transfer.
- One piece heat treated stainless body guarantees extra high pressure molding.

- Manifold is allowed to slide freely on heat expansion.
- Durable and smooth response Glyd rings in the valve pin cylinder.
- Straight gate + guided valve pin extends mold operating life.
- Easy maintenance.
- Excellent gate vestige.
- Long life for mass production and fast cycle molding.
- Minimum maintenance requirements.
- Excellent with all kinds of engineering plastics [PC+GF, PPC, PBT+GF, PA+GF, etc.] through applying core heat transfer technology.

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