For Sale - M - 1174 - Hot Runner Valve System


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M - 1174


Hot Runner Valve System

Product Details

- Single Valve III is a product of originality, innovation and simple design, which provides a durable and high performances Single valve gate nozzle.
- The smart flow channel offers excellent molding performance with glass filled materials, even PBT +50 percent GF, PET +45 percent GF, PA +45 percent GF etc.

Typical Applications:
- 7 color charge monitor cover.
- Wheel cover
- Core injection notebook cover (PC + ABS)

- Valve gate system use only.
- Excellent gate vestige.
- Simple operation of a valve pin.
- Application for a wide range of applications with both general purpose and engineering materials.
- Compact design with 3 optional channel diameters.
- Helps simplify stack mold structure and operation.

- The valve pin moves vertically inside of nozzle body by a pistion without any use of ratchet or rotating cam mechanisms.
- The creative single valve series nozzle offers 3 standard flow channels with gate diameters from 15 mm to 8 mm, and an optional size up to a maximum of 10 mm diameter gate.
- The length of the nozzle can be up to 1000 mm, and provides the best solution for feeding the component through the fixed half core.
- The smart flow channel offers excellent color change, in less than 10 shots, and a large injection volume with lower injection pressures.

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