For Sale - M - 1175 - Hot Runner Valve and Nozzle system


Reference Numbers

M - 1175


Hot Runner Valve and Nozzle system

Product Details

- Yuri system is a patented technology featuring the valve mechanism and nozzle constructed as one unit.
- The smart flow channel minimizes the pressure drop in the nozzle and facilitates quick and easy color change.
- Yuri system offers a true Back to Back valve stack mold.

Typical applications:
- Pallet
- TV cover
- Instrument panel.

- 4 different flow channels
- Pneumatic and hydraulic valve pin operation.
- Valve gate only.
- Smart flow channel.
- Height of nozzle can be adjustable by order.

- The valve assembly is located under the manifold, with the valve pin free from thermal expansion of the manifold.
- The Yuri design eliminates the need for a pin guide bush which is the main cause of material leakage from the valve pin/guide pin bush area.
- The thickness of mold can be reduced by 70 mm, compared with conventional valve gate systems.
- The Yuri nozzle assembly is easily maintained without removal from the injection molding machine, and repairable without disassembly of the mold.

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