For Sale - M - 1183 - Hot Runner Molds - Consumable Medical Applications


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M - 1183


Hot Runner Molds - Consumable Medical Applications

Product Details

We specialize in complex, multi cavity injection molds that operate at fast cycle times for products in the consumable medical industry. Specifically the parts include components, such as well plates, respiratory devices, petri dishes, cuvettes, pipettes, syringes, etc.

We have made the strategic business decision to offer our clients more than just a mold; we will ensure the project is successful. This is accomplished by providing production tooling that is the best in terms of operational efficiency, requiring minimal operator supervision while providing the lowest scrap rates at prices that will attain low amortized mold costs. When added together, our clients will realize the lowest possible piece part cost. The molds are delivered ready to run in the client's facility. Our company is willing to stand behind its tooling by making guarantees and back them up in writing.

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