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Rotational Moulds and Toolings

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Fixopan offers a large variety of molds like CNC machined aluminium molds, stainless steel molds, cast aluminum molds, machine molds. The company has exported over 15,000 molds for the products such as tanks (of various capacities and shapes), engineering products, canned-look garden furniture, toys, mannequins, automotive components, huts, planters, flowerpots, waste bins and a host of others products. In order to meet the requirements of its clients, Fixopan offers mild steel molds, stainless steel molds, cast aluminum molds, CNC machined aluminium molds, teflon-coated molds and so on.

Fixopan develops products in order to meet the requirements of its clients. Fixopan also uses CAD- system and can offer any kind of mold for rotational molding.

CNC Machined / Cast Aluminium Rotational Molds:
Fixopan has been manufacturing cast aluminium molds for many clients across the globe specially for the European and North American markets. The company has made and exported hundreds of molds of products such as planters, can-look furniture, lamp posts, fuel tanks, toys, automotive components, medical equipments, industrial and custom parts.

Fixopan enjoys the in-house facilities of CNC machining, pattern making, 2D (AutoCAD) and 3D (Pro Engineer and Solid Works) designing; fiber/resin impression making; finishing the mold; shot/shot-peen/ sand blasting; Teflon coating; die casting and mold making facilities. Fixopan design and develops prototypes of the molds and supply quality parts also.

Stainless Steel Rotational Molds and Mild Steel Rotational Molds
Fixopan has been manufacturing sheet metal molds for approximately 2 decades and has close to 15000 molds for over 240 clients in 70 countries worldwide. Fixopan has in-house facility of fabricating, assembling and testing of Molds. It has expertise in 2D/3D designing and expert mold making in terms of quality to be amongst the best in the world.

Fixopan is renowned for its high quality mirror finish stainless steel molds.

It has expert engineers and production technicians in the field of mold making, who use machines specially built for this purpose, design these molds. Fixopan offers a variety of molds be it furniture's recreational products, tanks, multilayer article, cabins, and so on. The size of objects range from objects as small as that of a Ping-Pong ball to 100,000 liters molds

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