For Sale - M - 1528 - Mastip Hot Halves & Valve Gate Hot Runner Systems


Reference Number

M - 1528


Mastip Hot Halves & Valve Gate Hot Runner Systems

Product Details

Hot halves are mostly used for FMCG, Packaging, Medical & PET Preform applications.

- Hot Halves
- Specially engineered for each application
- Fully Assembled & Tested
- Trouble free assembly& disassembly to mould
- Reduced mold manufacturing time
- Parting line access to heaters & thermocouples
- Manifold surface thermocouples can also be changed from Parting line or fromtop plate face
- Gate area can be serviced while Mold is on the machine
- Available in P20, SS420 & customized steels

Multi Valve Gate - Advantages
- Mould Design & Manufacture
- Simpified back plate pocket machining
- Air ways integrated into back plate
- Plate thickness of 55mm

- Ease of Installation and Maintenance
- Simple to assemble and install
- Pins can be adjusted without removal High temperature O-Rings
- Pin & O-Rings can be replaced without removing back plate
- Replaceable (threaded) pin seal
- Vented alignment spacer

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