For Sale - M - 1530 - Exatemp Modular Hot Runner Controllers


Reference Number

M - 1530


Exatemp Modular Hot Runner Controllers

Product Details

- Built with proven technology and manufacturing
- Flexible, easy to set-up and simple to operate
- Unique features
- Improved reliability to suit Indian conditions
- Improved quality

Key Features
- “Idle mode” protection for hot runner and mould after power failure
- Auto tune on start-up
- Self check on start-up
- Resolution ±1 C
- Soft Start function to protect heaters during start-up
- Simple to set-up and run
- Under/Over temperature alarms
- Open and reversed thermocouple detection
- J and K t ype thermocouple CE Cer tified modules
- Boost function facilit y
- Stainless Steel terminal box

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