Required - M - 892 - Hot Runner Systems


Reference Numbers

M - 892


Hot Runner Systems
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Product Details

We offer Hot Runner Systems for new molds, & retrafitting existing molds
* Unique one piece conductive - core with tip.
* No screw in tips - more accurate alignment.
* Reduced material insulation area enabling faster colour change.
* 10 different standard upgraded tip options.
* 7 series & 26 lengths available up to 3.5Kg. shot (standard).
* Heater sheath for protection and heat retention.
* Extremely hard wearing tip-optional.
* Special custom built. Nozzles - optional.
* Standard & Custom designed manifolds.
* Various options on valve gate systems.
* Advanced microprocessor based temperature contnrollers.
* Express despatch-6 weeks for custom designed & 4 weeks for standard systems.
All the above result in improved performance while processing advanced engineering thermoplastic Compounds, Blends and Alloys at the right price.