Required - M - 1337 - Plastic Crate Mould - Container And Plastic Crate


Reference Numbers

M - 1337


Plastic Crate Mould - Container And Plastic Crate

Product Details

With design of plastic crate,box,plastic container for molding, items should use in PP,PE
- Material choose: P20, 2316,2738 made in Germany or China
- Cavitiy can be: one cavity for one, two cavity for 1+1, parts will be more.
- Design: according the customer draw to design the mould, or according the idea to design the products draw then make the mould
Mould pakage in wooden pakage with hot runner, core and cavity pooshed.
before shipment will take the test report with.

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- Best cooling system for high productivity
- Limit switch for slider stroke control and prolong the mould life;